Change & Communications

In a major implementation, well managed change management and communications will significantly reduce the impact of any changes on your people. Destin Change and Communications Consultants are highly skilled communicators who specialise in working closely with your stakeholders to make the change process a collaborative and transparent one.

Change and communications is historically the most poorly managed aspect of implementations and, in many ways, is the most important… if your people don’t want to change, your project will fail and your investment will be lost.

Common errors organisations make

“This change won’t impact anyone” - Any change, large or small has an impact.  You need to understand who all of your stakeholders are, and how they might be impacted.

“Negative people will never change, so we shouldn’t bother trying” - Anyone can change.  Our consultants have a depth of experience in a number of large organisations and have proven success in facilitating a positive, strong and even enjoyable change experience.

“We’ve communicated enough” - You can never communicate enough. A lack of communication speaks more loudly than any perception of “over communication” could. Communication lets people know that you are undertaking an honest and transparent process.

“No feedback is better than negative feedback” - All feedback should be embraced.  Receiving feedback of any kind demonstrates that people are:
1 - aware of what you are trying to do
2 - trying to engage
Feedback of any kind can provide you with important insights that can make or break your project.

Change Management and Communications Services
Destin can provide Change and Communications Consultants to support all activities across your business transformation, and additionally we can provide discrete services for your one-off requirements.

  • Organisational development consulting
  • Communications planning
  • Marketing plans
  • Team development
  • Employee climate surveying

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