Implementation Management

Project implementation is a complex and crucial part of your project lifecycle.  Implementation is commonly misconstrued as pure software installation - this is a mistake that can seriously undermine your projects success. 

All of the hard work from the project comes to fruition at the point of implementation.  Destin has experts whose skills and experience will ensure you a smooth transition with no surprises.

Projects that are most successful at implementing software treat the implementation as a project in its own right, which is exactly what it is.

Key implementation activities include:

  • Managing the entire cut over process, including developing a detailed minute by minute project plan for your go  live period
  • Analysing and planning for any business processes that  will require special attention during the cut over period
  • Working with your key business stakeholders to understand the impacts on your key processes, interfaces and external customers to ensure that their needs are captured during the cut over period
  • Understanding the impacts that may occur to your customers during the cut over and preparing  targeted, timely communications to minimise the impacts
  • Preparing and managing a detailed plan and roster for the provision of go live and post go live support

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