Project Management


Our Project Managers work with you to ensure that your projects are achieved on time, on budget and deliver to the planned scope.


All Destin project managers use the proven Destin Methodology that has its roots in the SAP ASAP methodology.  This has been adapted to produce a framework that is flexible enough to be applied to any significant system implementation or business transformation initiative.  It consists of five key project phases:

Project Preparation and Stakeholder Engagement
This phase is all about planning. The key activities included in this phase are:

  • Preparing the project charter
  • Preparing the detailed project plan
  • Identifying who will be involved
  • Finalising the budget
  • Defining project standards and templates
  • Undertaking an induction for all project team members.

Design Phase
This phase is where you review your current business activities, and define how you want it to operate in the future. Business Process Design is key in this phase and some of the major activities include:

  • Understand and confirm your business transformation strategy
  • Define and scope your needs through business process design workshops
  • Plan how the system needs to work to best meet your requirements
  • Review underlying organisational structures
  • Engage your own people to provide their own professional expertise, to ensure that the signed off design is appropriate for your unique environment
  • Test your design with your customers and business partners

Build Phase
The technical elements of the project are pulled together in this phase to develop the system to meet your requirements.
Other critical activities in this phase include testing, organisational change readiness, implementation planning and preparation for training. Features of this phase include:

  • Technical system build
  • Security development
  • Interfaces to other systems defined and developed
  • Preparing data requirements for migration to the new system
  • Testing including, user acceptance testing, integration testing, and conversion testing
  • Carrying out change management and HR activities to bring about the necessary organisational changes to support new processes
  • Preparation of training resources
  • Implementation planning
  • Post go-live support planning

Final Preparation Phase

  • Training for end users
  • Finalisation of the detailed implementation planning

Go Live, Support and Benefits Realisation Phase
In this phase the implementation plan is realised through:

  • Data migration to the new system
  • Go live support in place and active
  • Archiving of legacy system data
  • Post implementation review
  • Project closure

All phases of the project are underpinned by project management and change and communications.
Destin Project Managers are accountable and responsible professionals who work with you to achieve all of the phases of the project.

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