Business Analysis

A Destin Business Analyst (BA) helps you to define your needs, propose options and works with you to implement solutions.

The benefits of using a Destin BA are:

  • Specialist skill. Our BAs are problem solvers and are highly skilled in business critical areas:
    • Professional expertise in identification and analysis of issues
    • Technical expertise in software structures and requirements
  • Impartiality. Using a consultant means that you are not using a stakeholder to define your requirements, thereby reducing your risk.  Our BAs are impartial, measured judges of what is required. They will provide reason and insight to empower you to make the right decisions for you.
  • Removing the mystery. Our BAs strike the delicate balance of technical nous and people skills. They work closely with software developers and then help you to understand the technical requirements in plain language.
  • End to end support. Our BAs are involved every step of the way. We are there from the initial design, contribute to build requirements, testing, even working with the training team. This gives you continuity of experience, and reduces time and cost.
  • Increasing your own people’s skills. We are passionate about knowledge sharing and ensuring that your people become as highly skilled as possible. We believe in empowering you!

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