Destin Training Consultants are expert in managing the development and delivery of training programmes to best meet your organisations needs.  Business transformation is only possible if your people truly understand how the new software and processes work and how their day to day activities will change once the new solution is in place. We ensure they are equipped with the right information to understand how things have changed for them.
We can provide you with training management services for your software implementations, or we can help you with individual training needs.

Software Implementations
A Destin Training Consultant will work with you to define the most appropriate training strategy for you.  We work closely with your people to understand who your users are, and what training they require to be successful in their job. For many this covers the specific training that they require on the new software and associated business processes.  For others this can include providing training in complementary skills; such as customer service and other software applications; or helping users to develop basic technology skills in preparation for using new applications.

The Destin Training Consultants pull together a team of trainers who will develop the courseware and session plans and then deliver courses to your users.  Some organisations elect to use their own staff in training roles which provides development opportunities, and can retain knowledge within the organisation when the project ends.  Our Training Consultants provide you with full support for this, by delivering train the trainer courses for your people, and providing mentoring and hands on support throughout the life of the project.

Individual Training Needs
We can provide a range of training services for your organisation:

  • Train the trainer course.  We provide your people with the fundamental skills to be able to deliver effective training to adult learners.
  • Training strategy.  We can help you develop a strategy that will provide you with an overarching roadmap for your organisation’s development.
  • Training manuals.  We can help you to prepare high-quality, easy to use training manuals for any aspect of your business, from developing software guides through to preparing business process user manuals.
  • Project team induction training.  At the start of your project we will work with you to develop and deliver a comprehensive induction package that will result in an engaged, excited team ready to get involved. Our innovative project inductions are highly praised by all of our clients for their relevant and interesting content as well as their long term benefits in fully preparing the team for the tasks ahead.

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