How can we help you?

The team at Destin Consulting are highly skilled IT professionals with an extensive background in business transformation and system implementation.  The Destin team offer a range of specialist services:

  • Business Analysis - Business Analysts (BAs) help you to analyse requirements, develop options, and work with you to implement solutions. Our BAs work closely with your people to develop requirements, and to pass on their own skill.  Many of our BAs have specialist functional knowledge of systems such as SAP, Pathway, PeopleSoft and Millennium.
  • Business Process Design - Our business process experts will work alongside your people to assist your organisation to understand and define current business activities, and determine the optimal business processes for your organisation.
  • Change and Communications - A common challenge on major implementations is a reluctance of staff to move with the changes. Our experienced Change and Communications people have proven success in minimising impacts on staff and maximising the positive experiences that can be gained out of successful projects.
  • Data Conversion - Whether you are implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one, you need to have certainty that your data will be safe and make the transition without error.  Our data conversion experts undertake comprehensive preparations including data mapping, data cleansing, testing and trial conversions to ensure that your business critical data is successfully transitioned to the new technology solution.
  • Documentation - Developing documentation to support your business processes and systems requires a specialised skill set. We have a number of people who can help you with your documentation requirements, including developing comprehensive online help tools to support your users.
  • eBusiness Consulting - eBusiness is core to many businesses. For those who have not yet embraced it or who want to further develop their capability our consultants can help you to develop and implement strategies to keep pace with technology and the demands of the market.
  • Functional Specialists - Our team includes a functional experts across key applications common in large organisations such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Pathway and MS Sharepoint.
  • HR Consulting - Often projects come with some degree of organisational change.  Destin HR Consultants are able to assist you through the HR aspects of a change initiative ensuring the obligations of both employer and employee are met, facilitating a smooth transition.  We are also able to provide expert advice in the design of your HR solution or in the development of HR policies and procedures.
  • Implementation Management - Your project go live is the time of greatest risk to the service delivery and reputation of your business. Our Implementation specialists prepare and manage comprehensive plans to ensure that your go live is smooth with minimal disruption to your staff and customers.
  • Programme Management - The Programme Manager takes a strategic role in ensuring that projects are completed in accord with each other to achieve the organisation’s overall goals. Dennise Fox is an industry leader in Programme Management.
  • Project Coordination - Everyone knows that a great Project Coordinator can make your project hum. Destin Project Coordinators bring superior skills to any project, ensuring that all aspects of your project run like clockwork.
  • Project Management - The key to effective project management is strong leadership. Destin Project Managers lead, motivate and inspire their teams in accordance with the Destin Philosophy and by consistently applying the Destin Methodology to ensure success.
  • Quality Assurance - Our consultants are well versed in QA practices to give you peace of mind that your project will deliver.
  • Reporting - Our reporting experts can develop the solutions that will be necessary for reporting on the performance of your organisation. Destin reporting and business intelligence consultants understand the reporting tools and data structures of many of the common software applications and can build reporting solutions that meet the needs of your business.
  • Strategy Development - Our principal and senior consultants have been drawn from senior management roles from across a wide range of organisations. They have the skills and experience to assist in the development of strategy and policy across many business functions and activities.
  • Technical Support - Destin can provide much sought after technical skills including DBA’s, SAP security specialists, SAP developers, Microsoft Developers and systems administrators skilled across a wide range of common business software applications.
  • Testing - When implementing any new technology solution, testing is a crucial and complex element of the project. Our testing people understand the need for robust testing and provide quality assurance for all testing activities.
  • Training - Our Training consultants manage your requirements based on the unique needs of your organisation. We provide a full spectrum of training expertise from management, delivery and administration.  We can even work with your people to develop their own training capability.

What else can we do for you?
Destin has a range of other services and tools that can assist you such as:

  • Project team induction workshops
  • Process workshop delivery framework
  • Technical services such as database and system administration
  • Professional Development and coaching
  • Databases / software.