Programme Management

Programme Management enables the successful implementation of your organisation’s business transformation strategy through an overarching approach to projects and project delivery across the organisation.

A Destin Programme Manager will work closely with you to develop the governance and planning that ensures your programme can be delivered successfully whilst actively managing project risks and minimising the impact on your people.

What are the benefits of using a Programme Manager?

  • Keeps the focus on the big picture. The Programme Manager acts as an orchestrator to ensure that all the activity going on across multiple projects continues to support the overall business transformation goal. It is always a risk on complex programmes of work that the end goal is lost or unintentionally varied by individual projects.
  • Puts control back in your hands. Multiple project commitments mean multiple balls to juggle. Our Programme Managers ensure that your projects are logically planned and executed, and ensure that each project is controlled, thereby minimising any risks to you.  We provide you with a detailed and comprehensible view of progress, ensuring that you have access to all of the information you need.
  • Makes the best use of your resources. Many organisations rely on a small core of staff to assist with their projects. When there are multiple projects on the go, resourcing conflicts are common. A Programme Manager holds a view of how all people are being utilised, and is able to plan activities around availability to best maximise everyone’s time.
  • Gives you consistency across projects. Every Project Manager brings their own flavour to their work, and it is easy for a single project to operate in isolation from the rest of your business. Our Programme Managers take a holistic view across all of your projects, ensuring that they are aligned seamlessly. We also provide certainty that your projects remain aligned to your organisation’s strategic direction.
  • Reduce your costs. Projects can be costly. Managing your projects across a planned programme of work can allow you to reduce your overall costs, by making best use of resources, sharing information across projects, aligning deliverables and cross project dependencies and minimising overall risk.
  • Maximise your benefits. The Programme Manager will actively take responsibility for ensuring that the scoped benefits are realised. We work with you from the business case phase, until well after go live, to understand the benefits that your organisation seeks, and to ensure that these will be realised within the timeframe of the project, and into the future.

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