eBusiness Consulting

Destin eBusiness Consultants help you to develop and implement a digital strategy and/or channel strategy that will allow you to connect electronically to your customers and business partners to improve your organisation’s services, align your customer service channels and improve communications and accessibility to your customers.

In a software implementation our eBusiness Consultants will advise you on how best to incorporate eBusiness into your business process redesign.  They will assist in future-proofing for advances in technology with an extendable services-focused solution. Alternatively, if you just want to know how to best maximise your eBusiness capability, our Consultants can work directly with you to undertake a distinct review of your eBusiness processes.

There are many benefits to evolving your eBusiness capability:

  • Provide better services
    By focussing on building  electronic end to end services you can improve the efficiency of your business processes and give your customers the choice of how they wish to engage with you – online via their device of choice or more traditionally via phone or in person.
  • Develop new services and add value
    New technologies including advances in mobile solutions allow you to deliver new innovative solutions. Your services can become more proactive through instant messaging and text messages, keeping your customers better informed about orders, offers and other important business information.
  • Integrate with your business partners
    Almost all organisations have important business partners such as suppliers who assist in the delivery of service for that organisation. By integrating systems with your business partners you can keep your own customers better informed and deliver services faster than ever before.
  • Minimise your costs while maximising your impact
    Using a technological platform to contact your customers allows you to produce high quality, exciting results while being significantly cheaper than using postal, fax or courier services. With eBusiness you control the output, you control the message and you control the costs.
  • Reach more people, more often
    With the cost of contacting customers reduced, you will be able to engage with them more frequently and in time to meet your business needs. Our Consultants provide advice on the optimal periods and intervals of contact to have the greatest impact. No opportunity needs to be missed.
    With the internet, your audience is the world. You can expand your customer base globally from the comfort of your office.
  • Make it easier for your customers to find you
    People expect to be able to find you easily. Online service is the norm now, with growing expectation of support for mobile devices. We will help you to manage and package your services, so that your customers can get everything they need in the manner that suits them best.

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