Destin Documentation Consultants specialise in preparing high quality, user friendly online documentation that will support your organisation’s processes and systems.   We are expert at translating technical language into simple, clear text that all of your people will understand.

Online documentation provides a one-stop-shop for your people to access everything they need to know about both how to use the software, and the associated processes, on their desktop.

Using online documentation provides a number of benefits for your organisation:

  • Reduces administrative overheads.  Hard copy documentation becomes out of date almost from the moment that it is printed. Documentation that is delivered online can be updated the moment a change is made, giving all of your people immediate access to the latest information, without the need to print and circulate changes.
  • Provides one definitive sources for your documentation.  In large organisations, it is not uncommon for departments and individuals to be using different versions of printed documentation, creating inconsistencies in both services and skills. Publishing your documentation online provides one definitive source for your information.
  • Easier to use than printed materials. Online tools enable you to include menu paths and hyperlinks to make your documentation simple to navigate as well as new interactive technologies such as animation and video.
  • Enables the use of online training tools. Many online documentation tools include software that enables you to develop online training resources for users to undertake self-paced training and assessment. This can include both Computer Based Training (CBT) and simulation based packages.

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