What sets us apart

History of success
Destin Consulting has a track record of success in large system implementations. Our projects are on time, on budget, and within scope.  Organisations receive proven ongoing benefits from our projects.

Our Customer Advocate approach
All Destin consultants strive to be seen as part of the fabric of our customers' organisations for the duration of the project. This "one team" philosophy plays an important part in the dynamics of a project team creating a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared freely, professional values are fostered and open and honest discussion is encouraged. We work to ensure that our customers' staff have every possible learning opportunity presented to them as they are often the people who will be responsible for the solution once the project completes.

Customer satisfaction
The team at Destin will work with you to ensure that the outcomes will meet the needs of your organisation, industry, and customers. We understand that there cannot be a one size fits all approach to implementations, and we take the time and care to ensure that your unique requirements will be met. 

The human touch
Dennise and Steven surround themselves with specialists who share a common philosophy on consulting. We are professional and highly skilled people who care deeply for the people and organisations that we work with.

Holistic approach
Alignment to company strategy through business process and organisational design are critical success factors in any software implementation.  We work with you to understand your wider business requirements, and ensure that your implementation maps to your company’s direction and purpose. We bring people, technology and ideas together to realise your business transformation potential.

Specialist skill
Every Destin Consultant is a highly skilled professional, with a proven track record on successful projects. Our consultants possess a depth and breadth of skill that is unsurpassed.

It can be done!
Our consultants approach every challenge with a solutions focus and a "can do" attitude and are able to work effectively across a range of services.  Our project philosophy is shared by everyone in the team, and is regularly highlighted by organisations as a part of our continued success.

Competitive rates
Our rates are highly competitive in the consulting market as we do not have the overheads of many larger companies.

What do our customers say about us?